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Our programs focus on helping people make inner connections that result in positive outward changes.

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Inner connections for outward changes.

Cinim’s programs help people establish a meaningful connection with themselves.​ Self-awareness and education result in personal growth, greater joy, and fulfillment.​ This promotes healthier relationships with others, resulting in stronger communities and positive social change.​

How our programs work

Our self-guided, experiential programs are supported by extensive clinical research and draw upon the healing wisdom of global traditions such as meditation, mindfulness, and other mind-body therapies. Practical techniques enhance core educational content in engaging ways.

Universal teachings
& practices

Our programs promote all aspects of health - physical, mental, spiritual, and social.

  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Acceptance
  • Visualizations
  • Self-reflection

Expanded awareness

Our unique combination of education and mind-body therapies help people establish a sense of meaning and connection with themselves and others. Isolation and lack of connection have long been known to negatively affect mental and physical health.

Cognitive shifts and emotional change

The practices support negative cognitive patterns to transform into more positive ones, resulting in:

  • Less emotional reactivity
  • Less judgmental attitude  
  • Healthy self esteem
  • Greater capacity to handle life stressors
  • Improved relationships

Improved mood

A more positive mood and greater sense of calm reduces reactivity and brings more ease in social situations and challenging personal circumstances. Participants are motivated to continue as they progressively feel better about themselves, resulting in greater meaning, fulfillment, and quality of relationships.  

Mental wellness programs designed for today's world

Cinim's programs are developed by our integrative team of experts - including prominent psychiatrists with decades of experience. Our programs are supported by clinical research, community feedback, and ongoing participant evaluation.

Support when it's needed

Our digital programs are available online or via an app. Anyone can access the guided content 24/7 and move through the program at their own pace.

Removing barriers to mental health care

Our digital delivery makes support widely accessible despite geographic and financial constraints, wait times, and stigma about seeking help when needed.

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Engaging & immersive content

Programs include practical tools designed to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing. The core educational content is supported by mind-body therapies.

Customizable support

We offer advanced analytics to demonstrate program uptake, and marketing materials to complement your promotional efforts. Customizable workshops and consultations are available.

What our partners are saying
We know that stress, depression, and anxiety are impacting many students at colleges and universities. The BreathingRoom program is an incredible on-line resource for young adults exploring their emotions and working on behaviour changes. A tool such as BreathingRoom makes sense for students because it is accessible and available at times that work for students' schedules. As counselling and health services are in greater demand, BreathingRoom is a valuable resource for post-secondary institutions to have available for their students.

Mount Royal University

Associate Professor, University of Calgary Division Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Director, Young Adult Outpatient Services Department of Psychiatry, Alberta Health Services
BreathingRoom is an excellent digital resource for young people. Today’s youth are facing more complex life challenges than ever before. This confidential, accessible, evidence-based program is a valuable tool for Newfoundland and Labrador residents to help them develop greater resilience. As they discover healthier ways to relate with themselves and others, and find meaning and purpose, their ability to thrive grows.

Health and Community Services for Newfoundland and Labrador

We heard from youth that they wanted access to confidential and flexible mental health services. This evidence based and clinically tested e-mental health program that was developed with input from over 100 Canadian youth is one more option that youth can access in addition to the Community Counselling Program, Community Child and Youth Care Counsellors, and Strongest Families Institute. Having more evidence-based mental health options for our residents provides them with better opportunities to access the support that choose what they want as well as when they want it.

Government of Northwest Territories

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Help your team improve work performance and quality of life

InnerAccess is a digital program to support your employees' wellness and capacity to thrive. Through the use of mind-body therapies and educational content, participants are guided to reflect on the impacts of their own responses to life challenges and how they can improve. Employees learn ways to alleviate stress and improve their relationships with others.

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Help students and young people unlock their potential

BreathingRoom is a digital program that helps young people reduce their anxiety, stress and depression, transforming their lives.

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