Help your team improve their mental wellness

Cinim's digital program addresses negative stress in the workplace and at home so employees can live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Built for employees who are stressed and always on the go

InnerAccess, our evidence-based adult program, helps your employees find meaning and satisfaction in their life and work, and ways to protect against the negative effects of stress. A healthier connection with self results in more positive interactions in the workplace and in life.

Digital program

Wellness support for employees when they need it

The InnerAccess program is online or available via a digital app. Your employees can access the guided content anytime 24/7.

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Mobile and desktop app
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Mobile and desktop app
Engaging activites
Wellness explorations

Engaging & immersive content

Available online and as a mobile app, InnerAccess is educational and includes practical tools designed to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing. The core educational content is supported by mind-body therapies such as guided meditations, mindfulness techniques, and self-reflection.

Guided meditations

Create a mind-body connection

InnerAccess contains mind-body therapies to enhance integration of the core educational content. MBT practices are used for stress reduction, affecting emotional, cognitive and psycho-social factors which influence health outcomes and wellbeing.

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Mobile and desktop app
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Mobile and desktop app
Relatable Topics
Participant satisfaction

Helps your employees connect

The program helps your team explore core topics foundational to mental wellbeing including courage, connection, trust, self-worth, competence, satisfaction, vulnerability, self-acceptance, and care for self and others.

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How we do it

Mental wellness programs designed for today's world

Cinim’s programs are built by our integrative team of experts - including prominent psychiatrists with decades of experience in the field. The programs are supported by extensive clinical research and trials.

Our Approach
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