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Customizable, on-demand programs
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For business, government and schools
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Supported by clinical research and trials

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Our Supporters

Cinim thanks and acknowledges the numerous private, foundation and corporate donors, program partners, community collaborators, and volunteers who have supported us over the last two decades. Together, we can help people grow and inspire them to thrive.

Mental wellness programs designed for today's world

Cinim's programs are developed by our integrative team of experts - including prominent psychiatrists with decades of experience. Our programs are supported by clinical research, community feedback, and ongoing participant evaluation.

Support when it's needed

Our digital programs are available online or via an app. Anyone can access the guided content 24/7 and move through the program at their own pace.

Removes barriers to mental health care

Our digital delivery makes mental health support widely accessible despite geographic and financial constraints, wait times, and stigma about seeking help when needed.

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Engaging & immersive content

Programs include practical tools designed to improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing. The core educational content is supported by mind-body therapies (link to study) such as guided meditations, mindfulness techniques, and self-reflection.

Customizable support

We offer advanced analytics (anonymized for privacy) to demonstrate program uptake, and marketing materials to complement your promotional efforts. Our wellness experts support ongoing engagement through consultation and customizable workshops.

What young people are saying about BreathingRoom


The BreathingRoom app has the most organized and elegant opening, where it is easy to figure out where to go next and how to track your progress. After watching / listening to the meditations, there are many activities like journaling questions and recommended movies to watch regarding the feelings and stories expressed through the course.



A wonderful opportunity

This program is an incredible opportunity for young people to tap into their true self and start to move beyond things like depression and anxiety.



A quick and fast app to help understand yourself

As a busy teen who’s always doing something this app has really helped me focus on my self and personal reflect. This has had a huge affect in my daily life, by helping me understand my feelings and prioritize. By using this app I have struggled less with stress and anxiety. I would totally recommend!!!



Relatable for teens! Really makes a difference!

I really love the content on this app! The platform is aesthetically pleasing and easy(and fun) to navigate. The graphics and art on the app are really cool. The content was relatable and made me feel understood as a teenager in an increasingly complex and strange world. With so much going on it can be hard to wrap your head around your feelings and emotions, BreathingRoom really helps with that. :)



Amazing app

This app is so, good and I believe it has made an impact on me.