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Cinim’s film Coming back to yourself produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions for the global In Pursuit of Wellness series presented by Global Wellness Institute.

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Inner Connection, Outward Change.

Cinim is an integrative health and research institute. We create evidence-based mental health programs that help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Who we help

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Our InnerAccess program helps your employees deal with wellness issues like anxiety, life uncertainties, work stress, and emerging challenges like remote work, COVID, and beyond.

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Health Canada and provincial governments already provide Cinim's BreathingRoom youth program for Canadians. InnerAccess for adults will soon be available to governments across Canada.

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The BreathingRoom program helps students and young people cope with challenges and connect with themselves and others. The results are lower anxiety, stress and depression.

How we do it

Mental wellness programs designed for today's world

Cinim's programs are developed by our integrative team of experts - including prominent psychiatrists with decades of experience. Our programs are supported by clinical research, community feedback, and ongoing participant evaluation.

Our Approach
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Help your team improve productivity and quality of life

InnerAccess is a digital wellness program to support employee wellness and capacity to thrive. Through the use of mind-body therapies and educational content, participants are guided to reflect on the impacts of their own responses to life challenges, learn ways to alleviate stress, and improve their relationships with others.

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Engaging content
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Meditation exercises
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Mobile and desktop app
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Learn as you go
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Help youth unlock their potential

BreathingRoom is a digital program to help young people reduce their anxiety, stress and depression, transforming their lives.

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Two decades of impact

Program participants
Participant satisfaction
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What our partners are saying

We heard from youth that they wanted access to confidential and flexible mental health services. This evidence based and clinically tested e-mental health program that was developed with input from over 100 Canadian youth is one more option that youth can access in addition to the Community Counselling Program, Community Child and Youth Care Counsellors, and Strongest Families Institute. Having more evidence-based mental health options for our residents provides them with better opportunities to access the support that choose what they want as well as when they want it.

Government of Northwest Territories

We know that stress, depression, and anxiety are impacting many students at colleges and universities. The BreathingRoom program is an incredible on-line resource for young adults exploring their emotions and working on behavior changes. A tool such as BreathingRoom makes sense for students because it is accessible and available at times that work for students' schedules. As counselling and health services are in greater demand, [BreathingRoom] is a valuable resource for post-secondary institutions to have available for their students.

Mount Royal University

BreathingRoom is an excellent digital resource for young people. Today’s youth are facing more complex life challenges than ever before. This confidential, accessible, evidence-based program is a valuable tool for Newfoundland and Labrador residents to help them develop greater resilience. As they discover healthier ways to relate with themselves and others, and find meaning and purpose, their ability to thrive grows.

Honourable John Haggie

Minister of Health and Community Services for Newfoundland and Labrador

BreathingRoom has been a fantastic service delivery partner for Wellness Together Canada. We appreciate the program's evidence-based focus on strengths, growth, and identity formation. Additionally, we love that BreathingRoom brings a holistic perspective and lends itself to both empowerment and recovery-oriented practices.

Peter Cornish, PhD

Founder & President, SC2.0 Stepped Care Solutions Inc. Wellness Together Canada

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Committed to making a difference

Cinim’s integrative team of experts

Our team consists of prominent psychiatrists, researchers, program designers, and multi-disciplinary professionals who all share a passion for enhancing the lives of others through our programs.

Articles and research

Get the latest updates about Cinim’s programs - and how people can live happier,more fulfilling lives.

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