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Reduce absenteeism and enhance organizational productivity with Cinim’s Inner Access program.

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Mental wellbeing improves employee engagement

Mental wellness is a cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing. According to the World Health Organization, mental illness is the leading cost of disability worldwide. Investing in mental health promotion and early intervention with InnerAccess reduces economic loss to your business and the overall health care system from disability claims, absenteeism, and illnesses. The InnerAccess program will help employees become more resilient and productive, reduce mental health stigma, and improve quality of life.

Did you know

The cost of disability leave as a result of mental illness is about double the cost of leave due to physical illness
CAMH, June 2022

Discover InnerAccess: a digital mental wellness program for your business

Digital program

InnerAccess is a self-directed program available to your employees 24/7 through mobile app or online.

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Early intervention approach

InnerAccess guides participants to reflect on their lives and see the impacts of their behaviours. Awareness and education lead to positive outward changes.


The core content is based on clinical research and supported by mind-body therapies such as guided meditations and mindfulness techniques.

Enhance existing EAP programs

InnerAccess is a wellbeing program which impacts individuals in all areas of life, resulting in healthier employees and workplaces.

InnerAccess features

A modern evidence-based therapeutic wellness program

The Cinim team designed InnerAccess for employees aged 25-49. The program addresses the root causes of negative stress in the workplace and at home so your team members can live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Customizable support

We offer advanced analytics (anonymized for privacy) to demonstrate program uptake, and marketing materials to complement your promotional efforts. Our wellness experts support ongoing engagement through consultation and customizable workshops.

The highest privacy standards

Cinim's digital programs meet the most stringent Canadian privacy standards. Your employees' personal information is protected and all group level data is anonymized.

What our partners are saying
Cinim’s programs build resilience by addressing enhanced well-being… effective, sustainable, transformative, engaging, mental health intervention.

Dr. Chris Wilkes

Associate Professor, University of Calgary Division Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Director, Young Adult Outpatient Services Department of Psychiatry, Alberta Health Services
BreathingRoom is an excellent digital resource for young people. Today’s youth are facing more complex life challenges than ever before. This confidential, accessible, evidence-based program is a valuable tool for Newfoundland and Labrador residents to help them develop greater resilience. As they discover healthier ways to relate with themselves and others, and find meaning and purpose, their ability to thrive grows.

Health and Community Services for Newfoundland and Labrador

We heard from youth that they wanted access to confidential and flexible mental health services. This evidence based and clinically tested e-mental health program that was developed with input from over 100 Canadian youth is one more option that youth can access in addition to the Community Counselling Program, Community Child and Youth Care Counsellors, and Strongest Families Institute. Having more evidence-based mental health options for our residents provides them with better opportunities to access the support that choose what they want as well as when they want it.

Government of Northwest Territories


Help your team improve work performance and quality of life

InnerAccess is a digital program to support your employees' wellness and capacity to thrive. Through the use of mind-body therapies and educational content, participants are guided to reflect on the impacts of their own responses to life challenges and how they can improve. Employees learn ways to alleviate stress and improve their relationships with others.

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Engaging content
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Meditation exercises
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