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In Pursuit of Wellness

“In Pursuit of Wellness,” a new series presented by the Global Wellness Institute and produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions, dives into the world of wellness. The second of its kind, this online branded film series, which includes the film below produced for Cinim, explores how cultures and communities have been practicing wellness through centuries and passing the learnings down generations.

Core to the pursuit of wellness is a desire to better care for our communities, our spaces and ourselves – and this is something interpreted and embraced in different ways in different places around the world. This series brings together unique stories from wellness around the world and celebrates the core values that link these stories, of what it means to be well.

This series highlights that individual health and wellbeing are linked to the wellbeing of others and the world around us. Through human-led stories, this series collates experiences and skills from across the globe, with lessons that teach us how to care for our families, friends and communities, as well as ourselves.  

Who we are

Cinim is an integrative health and research institute, and registered charity based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our award-winning programs focus on prevention and early intervention, and help build resilience in individuals, families, and communities.


Mental wellness support for youth

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Nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of mental disorder – including one in seven teenagers. Cinim’s mental health programs help people address life challenges and live more joyful and fulfilling lives.

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Our Approach

Mentally well people have greater capacity to cope with the inevitable stress and strain of daily life. They can rebound with more ease from challenging events such as tragedy, trauma, threats, or other significant sources of stress.

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Our ProgramsSupport our Work
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How our programs work

Our self-guided, experiential digital programs use strengths-based practices for health promotion and draw upon the healing wisdom of global traditions such as meditation and other mind-body therapies. Program topics are universally applicable to all – such as compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and acceptance.
Practical techniques enhance core educational content in engaging ways, supporting participants to change perspective, feel more connected to self and others, and experience greater fulfillment. Developing healthy relationships results in improved health outcomes and wellbeing, stronger communities, and positive social change.

Our Supporters

Cinim thanks and acknowledges the numerous private, foundation and corporate donors, program partners, community collaborators, and volunteers who have supported us over the last two decades. Together, we can help people grow and inspire them to thrive.

Our Programs


Help young people unlock their potential

BreathingRoom is supported by published research and three rigorous clinical trials. It’s designed to help young people cope with challenges, but not only by addressing the negative – we give them tools and strategies to thrive. They learn to build stronger connections with themselves and others – and find positivity, resilience, and purpose in their lives.

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Improving quality of life

InnerAccess, our new adult program in development, invites participants to understand the indicators that affect their thoughts, behaviours, and life choices. Through self-reflection, multi-media educational content, and practical techniques, health outcomes and wellbeing improve.

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As a registered charity, we count on donors and partners for support. Your contribution to Cinim helps us create and share our programs with individuals, families, and communities. Together, we can help more people access our mental wellness programs. Join our efforts and help us transform lives. Thank you.